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December 27, 2004 Why This Blog?
I have maintained many writings about games here at the Warpcore for half a dozen years now. I never consolidated my various interests. I was always happy to make my reputation anew wherever I went. Sometimes this took time, sometimes it happened rapidly. However, I recently realized that I could carry my fan sites to a new level of delivery by tying them all together. The volume of my writings was reaching the level where I was doing my more loyal fans a disservice by making them jump through hoops to follow my efforts in more than one game at a time. Those days are now over. I have tied together all my web pages with one central navigation system rooted in my homepage. I have secured "" domain for myself and pointed it here. If I ever need to move on from Warpcore, folks will still be able to find me.

Since my site is being transformed to transcend any single interest or topic, I realized that I needed a "catch all" location for posting general thoughts and personal stories or insights. Well, this is it. I call it S.O.B. and I'm not joking about it being occasional. Don't expect regular updates. I will post entries when I have something to say. Otherwise I'll keep quiet. Thank you for your interest in my writings and views. I hope that you will visit me again.

Oh, and One More Thing (TM). With my email address publicly known, I get tons of spam. If you should happen to email me and desire a reply but not get one, your message may have gotten confused with all the spam. You might decide to try again. When writing to me, please use descriptive message titles to help identify your letter as something valuable. I wouldn't want to delete you by mistake because you sent me a message titled "Hello" or something similar. "Hello" doesn't quite cut it. Take the time to let me know that you're a human being and not a spambot. Thanks!

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