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November 11, 2004 My interest in Master of Orion III died when I realized the game would never be fixed. The "final" patch was nearly as much of a mess as the original release. This game will go down as one of the biggest duds of all time. There could have been a good game in there, but the developer failed to honor a fundamental principle of business: Keep It Simple and Straightforward. One can only hope that some day, somewhere, somebody can revive this storied franchise and restore its original glory. Who knows. Maybe I will find a way to contribute to that possibility. They sure could have used my help and advice on this one!
Meanwhile, I have gone back to playing the original Master of Orion. You can check out Sirian's MOO1 Page if you are interested.
Those of you arriving here through my newly restructured home page, where I've tied all my game and professional webpages together, can Click Here to return "home".
May 12, 2003 Star System Sirius opens officially. The first feature is my report from RBMoo Imperium One, a tournament event hosted by the Realms Beyond. After Action Reports are filed in the Command Center.
May 4, 2003 While writing my report for the first RBMoo tournament game, I realized that I needed to create a new layout in which to frame it. I took an evening to adapt my Diablo II and Civ3 site formats to MOO3.
Those familiar with my other game sites will feel right at home here. Those new to my game writings: I go long on content, short on flash. I try to make navigation easy. This news page will help you to locate site entries and updates that have occurred since your last visit.
I've ambitiously laid out a number of sections. All are empty to start except the AAR section. How filled some of those pages become is yet to be determined, but I'll be sure to post notice here whenever anything new is added.
I am this space station's only caretaker, so expect updates on an intermittent basis, perhaps with occasional quiet periods. Feel free to contact me at any time. All correspondance is welcome.

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