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 The Diplomatic Front 

Let's have a look at the shape of our newly met neighbors. Kholdan is the Klackon homeworld. Mentar is the Psilon homeworld.
Wow, Kholdan is right next to Rhilus and they couldn't muster enough range to get there? The only major weakness of the Klackons is their poor propulsion ability. That bit them here, as we have poached a system from their first ring, right under their noses.
Having met new neighbors, we should examine our intelligence reports.
Yep. Look at em. Those Psilon bastards. With only three systems, and the smallest population and production in the game, they STILL have a major lead in technology. And, as might be expected, the Klackons have a sizable fleet and a production advantage. Let me remind you, this is Average difficulty. These races pose formidable opponents on higher difficulty.
Now we know where we stand, for the moment. Time to cut some deals.
Also, since there are no worlds over which we might want to fight with the Psilons for, I'm ready to engage a treaty right now. There's Orion and two dead stars creating a buffer zone between us, and I doubt we can reach out so far as to grab anything on the other side of that zone. If so, it would be hostile systems only, and looking at those tech bars on the stat sheet, I'm not getting the impression that we'll beat the Psilons to environment techs.
Here you see the happy Psilons confirming our new treaty.
I decide to look into tech trades. Here are some low tech items they are willing to part with.
Then I check the price. Trading Hand Lasers for a cheap ECM would be more than a fair trade, in terms of research value. However, the Psilons would not be interested in this trade if they had Hand Lasers in their research tree. If it were to come to war, those weapons could make a big difference. They might be the decisive factor in a close battle, but regardless of who wins or loses the battle, our casualties would be higher in any case. One level of ECM jamming is hardly worth that, in my view.
The other potential trade items are even worse. So I back out of that screen and nod politely at the alien leader. We too are happy to have gotten off on a peaceful, cooperative footing.
The Klackons are another story. We've already seen their interest in Tao, the tundra planet in potentially disputable territory between our two empires. We might beat them there with a colony ship, but if not, we could try to fight it out. Possession is nine tenths of the law in this universe. Fighting between fleets is much less damaging to relations than attacks on alien colonies, so the time to fight, if at all, is BEFORE they can land.
Since we are playing as Humans, peace is to our advantage. Maintaining trade is to our advantage.
We are able to trade more with the Klackons because their economy is stronger.
Steady as she goes on the diplomatic front.

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