Sirian's Master of Orion Page
Sirian's Master of Orion Page

Sirian's Tutorial

If you would like to learn how to play Master of Orion, I can help you get off to a quick start.
If you have never advanced beyond the first two difficulty levels, I can help you to improve your performance.
Even if you are an old pro at the game, there may be something here for you, as you may pick up a tip or two.

My tutorial takes you through a normal game as played by me. Game features are illustrated and explained.
I explain each choice, each operation, as it becomes relevant.

The Tutorial game is played on Average Difficulty in a Medium Galaxy with four opponents.
I chose the Humans because they have the strongest diplomacy, and are thus the easiest race to play.
I accepted the first map generated by the game. Since this is a tutorial, our leader name is Tutorial.

Learn About the InterfaceClick Here!
Read the TutorialClick Here!
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