Sirian's Master of Orion Page
Sirian's Master of Orion Page

Disorderly Strategizing

As I have assembled numerous strategy pages for different games, my approach has evolved with my experience.
I used to try to organize and categorize my advice, as many others do. In theory, that seems like a good plan.
In practice, I've found something more effective. Rather than offer canned advice, telling you what to do,
I now offer all of my advice within the report format, as I talk about my own gaming experiences.

When I describe my strategic choices within the context of a game report, you get more information.
You get to see the situation, how the game arrived there. I can take you inside my thought process.
You won't be able to track down an answer to a specific question very easily,
but you will be in a better position to evaluate the advice that you are reading.

What follows are reports of my experiences with Master of Orion.

Solo ReportsClick Here!
Tournament ReportsClick Here!

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