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April 25, 2004 The Realms Beyond Orion tournament is underway. My entry for the first event, Imperium One, is reported in my Strategy and Reports section. Please have a look!
April 7, 2004 Mrrshans on a small map? Read about it, the whole Kitten Kaboodle!
April 4, 2004 I've opened my Reference Material section with two additions. One offers a description of keyboard commands. The other is an intensive look at the game's technologies, sorted by field and function.
April 3, 2004 Help for Windows XP users has now been posted. Three potential solutions for getting the game to run are detailed. Thanks to Isit for compiling this information and being willing to answer questions and offer additional support.
March 29, 2004 I've opened two more sections of my resource pages. First there is "Acquiring the Game", where I offer what assistance and advice that I may. Then there is "Getting the Game to Run". I've posted instructions for Win95, Win98, WinME, and Mac. Advice for WinXP is still under construction but coming soon.
March 27, 2004 The Silicoids are the most unusual race in this paradigm. Read all about them in my latest report, Lava Lamp, now available.
March 24, 2004 Medium Galaxy action now available for your perusal on the reports page. Sakkras.
March 20, 2004 Today is the first day of spring. I've posted my second spot report. Read all about the glory.
March 17, 2004 Happy St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate the luck of the Irish, I offer you my first spot report. I played a complete game of Master of Orion on the highest difficulty, the first time in years. Head to the Strategy section to find the reports pages.
March 15, 2004 I've posted the rest of the tutorial. Those who already read the first half can Skip Ahead to the new content. For anybody else, I recommend starting from the beginning. I have also updated the tutorial files and the installation instructions for them. Apparently, the names of saved games are not stored in the save files, but in the main config file. See the tutorial download page for details.
March 11, 2004 I've posted the first half of my tutorial on how to play the game, now available under Resources. The rest will be coming soon.
March 2, 2004 I have completed my section called The Actors, in my Introduction to the game. I've posted my take on the gameplay from the player's perspective, touching lightly on each element of the gameplay, to paint the big picture. Next I will work on a more detailed tour through the game's elements, under the Theater section. Stay tuned.
February 29, 2004 Today is Leap Day, a rare date on the calendar that only comes around every few years. Perhaps this is a fortuitous time to leap into a new venture. Thus, I am opening my Master of Orion page today. Welcome to my site!
I begin by offering an introduction to the game for players both new and old, and for those who may be interested in learning more about this classic game. The Actors section under Introduction is now open, with completed writings on the AI and the Races. The rest of my site has been planned and is under construction.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit.

- Sirian

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