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Today is November 11, 2004. I never got around to fulfilling my vision for a detailed page for Jagged Alliance 2. I had a load of fun with the game. However, I dropped it like a stone in mid-October, 2001. There were two primary reasons.
First, I completed about half of the game and then started to bog down. The enemies were getting longer range weapons with more power, and I found myself either eating too many casualties or reloading from saved games too many times. The game just got to be too hard, minor mistakes too often fatal, and my fun started to drop. I might still have pressed on through, except for the other reason.
The other reason was the release of Civilization III. I was extremely excited about that game, and all of my spare time allocated to gaming got sucked in to playing Civ3. I can't say that I regret that, either, although if I had had more time with JA2, I surely would have played it more.
I tried in early 2003 to go back and finish JA2, but I had forgotten too much. My already-slipping performance at the time I quit became a mess of mistakes and unrefined tactics. I would have needed to start all over, to get back into the groove of the subtleties necessary to play without lots of reloading, and I just didn't have that in me.
This montage is meant to wrap up my JA2 page with at a least a small taste of what I had in mind before I got pulled away to other pursuits.

Thanks for tuning in. I apologize to those of you who would have wanted more from me on this game, but sometimes things do not work out as we planned. I still recommend the game, and if SirTech makes a JA3, I'll be among the first customers in line.

- Sirian

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