A mod for Descent 3

Quick Summary

Basics: Guardian is a team mod for Descent 3, to be played by up to four teams.
Each team has an Orb, which spawns at that team's goal room. Any player on the team may pick up the Orb. Once they do, they become that team's Guardian and carry the Orb with them until they die.
Shown in the upper right is an Orb Display, tracking the status of each team's Orb, as well as a Guardian Display, which tracks the status of your team's Guardian for you.
Scoring:You score by killing opposing players (called Drones). You score more by killing opposing Guardians. You score the most for capturing enemy Orbs.
Orbs are captured by touching them. This is why a Guardian is needed: only a Guardian can protect your team's Orb.
Guardians may score by Taking Over repair rooms. This is done by sitting still inside the room for 3 seconds. Guardians may also Violate enemy Goal Rooms in the same way.
Suicide incurs a heavy penalty. Your team loses points if you kill yourself. If the Friendly Fire option is turned on (default is OFF) then you can damage and kill your own teammates. Doing so incurs a penalty, the same as if they suicided.
Each team has a Scoring Bonus. Your total bonus is added to EACH score your team makes, except those involving rooms.
Rooms:Goal Rooms are where the Orbs spawn. Players take damage while inside opposing Goal Rooms.
Repair Rooms function ONLY for that team's Drones, repairing their shields up to max 100.
Guardian Rooms function ONLY for Guardians (of all teams), repairing their shields up to max 75.
Cloaking Bays drain energy. Guardians (of all teams) who sit still in them for 3 seconds will become cloaked.
Orbs:The safest place for your team's Orb is onboard a ship.
When your team's Orb spawns at your goal room, you have 15 seconds to pick it up. During that time, opponents cannot capture it; after that, they can.
Drones should make every effort to protect their Guardian and their Goal Room. Drones are always more expendable than Guardians, though not as much as in CTF.
Guardians receive double on all scoring.
Being a Guardian involves both risk and opportunity: if you die, opponents will score big, especially if they also Capture your Orb (very likely) -- on the other hand, as Guardian for your team you can score more points and attack enemy rooms. Be careful though. The risk of going for a room, if caught and killed, always outweighs the rewards. Teamwork and cooperation will be crucial to your success. Sometimes it's best to lie low and minimize your risks.

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