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OPC: Beyond Human

The Altarians continued to self-destruct.
That's the last of their original three systems. Will the bleeding stop there? Apparently not.
Wow. Conquered by the I-League. Never seen that before, not a whole empire going down like a row of dominoes. Only two planets left to the Altarians, and sure enough, they seem bent on having one planet with no items on it, selling everything off at one of their remaining worlds as soon as the previous 1-morale-planet has flipped away from them. Insane.
I don't even know whether to cheer or to weep. Is this helping or hurting my cause? I have no way to tell!
So, after securing the middle pack of wonders, including Tir-Quan Training and Propaganda Center, it was time to make a huge push. The most valuable tech in the game for an OPC run is TerraComputers. Why? Simple. Research Center nearly doubles base research, and Tech Capital nearly doubles THAT with free bonus research. Picking up this one tech can quadruple your research capacity! In normal games, it's not that big a deal because you can't pay for the extra, meaning the real impact is not as significant as it looks on paper. But for an OPC run, player is sitting on a huge trade surplus and 100% spending, and can maintain 100% spending even after the output is quadrupled.
62 turns to research TerraComputers??? You gotta be kidding me! Instead of going for that, I paused to build constructors. I could do one per turn, thanks to Hyperion Manufacturing from Hyperwarp tech, allowing me to exceed 200 BC military/social on a single turn. Time to crank constructors and improve those four research starbases. That, and hunt down some Unexplained anomalies. With the help of one of those, plus the boost in growing population, plus the help from pumping up my research starbases, I dropped that down to about 25 total turns of actual research, although it still took nearly 50 real turns (four years of game time) to both build my constructors and do the research.
Instant results, however, as my research output did indeed quadruple overnight, after building Research Center and Tech Capital and Nano Recorders. Then I got Nano Mining and added some more to my starbases. Then I continued up the research branch. Hyper Computers allowed Omega Research Center, which further boosted my bonus research. Omni Computers allowed Hyper Computer trade good, plus the granddaddy, Galactic Research Center to pump a massive boost to my base research, which gave an even more massive boost to my free bonus research. You are not going to believe this output when you see it. :)
First, though... let me show you something else noteworthy. In all my games of GalCiv, this is the first time I've ever been able to push taxes to 100% and still have 100% morale.
While you're there, note that the Good Alliance has carved up poor Scotty. Altaria and Toria each took half. Altaria had been down to their last planet, but it has so far avoided the 1 morale problem, so it's hanging on.
OK, now for the shocker. Check out this researching machine!
679 base research. That's the part I pay for. 3569 bonus research, ALL FREE! Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, our research is free at last.
That's over 4200 research per turn. And it's going to go higher. Also note, at this point I have already terraformed Earth. Still have yet to tackle the massive EvolutionControl project, though, and there are some more wonders and TG's I need to mop up. Oh, and note that I'm still on the original session, played from the game start to this point in one go, as evidenced by the invisible planet in the last screen shot. (I really wish they could fix that, since I tend to play a lot of games in few sittings, and run into this annoyance every single game I play).
Anything that can boost base research, that's what I need now. Info Net? You bet. That's 10% more base research, and of course, each point of base research I add, six more points of free bonus research are also added. Neural Net? Come and get! 25%! Orbital Hospital? 5% more research. Gimme gimme. :D
Techs that boost research? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Advanced Artificial Intelligence... OK, the Torians have reached Avatar Tech and will be branching out some. I need to mop up some unique items while I still can. Sattelites, to nab Historical Preserve. Regeneration to score Pain Amps and Regenerators. Culture Conquest to build the Hyper Distribution. And now I am finally geared up to tackle EvolutionControl, which, aided by two Unexplained anomalies, is cleared in shockingly little time (about 8 turns total) for a single planet. SHOCKINGLY little time! Heck, it took four more turns just to build the Terraformer.
Check this out. The Evil AI's have allied. That's kind of rare. Good usually allies, but Evil usually fights amongst itself, in addition to fighting Good. Well, this was good for me, at least. The evil civs would better resist the Torian Onslaught. (Who woulda thought little Toria with its two starting planets and poor terrain would grow to become the dominant AI, and perhaps even a late game runaway unstoppable civ? Amazing).
I traded EvolutionControl and a couple of other techs to the Torians for Avatar tech. I would not have WANTED to do this, but new minors were popping up, with all of my known techs in hand, and I feared the Torians would squeeze, threaten or invade them, and get the big tech for free, and I'd get nothing out of it. Bah. So I felt compelled to trade while I could, even though it was aiding Toria more than me. Better to play it safe and get something out of it, I felt.
And then a stroke of luck. I-League got the "steal all the AI tech leader's techs" event just before I traded EvolutionControl to the Torians. So I was then able to trade it on to the I-League, along with three other high power techs and some cash, for Overlord Tech! I then decided to take the nine turns necessary to build a single Overlord ship, for the military boost. The Yor were starting to thin out, and I thought I'd better increase my military a bit.
There you see my lone Overlord, still bugged by the invisible ship problem. Time to save the game, get rid of that annoyance, and go watch the world premiere of the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries on scifi channel. :)

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