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Updated: July 20, 2001

From May 24 through June 4, 2001, I took down and suspended my entire Diablo 2 page in protest of two things: the way that Player vs Player hostility is implemented in Diablo 2 (and unchanged in the Expansion), and Blizzard's express encouragement of their customers to use this feature to challenge or attack other players' characters without consent of those players. I intended to make this protest permanent unless I got a positive response from Blizzard. Many fans of this site wrote me through email to express their opinions on this matter. Ninety percent of these messages asked me to reconsider closing the site, regardless of Blizzard's response. I found some of these pleas and the arguments contained therein to be persuasive, so I have reconsidered. I have reopened my site, and I will address this matter here, on my Protest page, henceforth.
For as long this issue remains of concern to me -- and unless Blizzard responds favorably to my protest -- I will maintain this page as a reminder to them of my views on this matter, as a warning to new players to be alert, as an explanation of the details of the issue, and as a place to give voice to the vast number of players in the Diablo community who believe that involuntary hostility is an inequitable and disreputable game feature that directly and repeatedly detracts from their enjoyment of the game.

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