Ember earning her Duchess Title

Updated: September 10, 2001 Who Are the Latest Inductees?

This listing honors the memory and achievements of Ember's Quest by recognizing
the deeds of valor performed by others like her: Hardcore single player characters.

Below are listed various Diablo II characters that you, the fans of Ember, have played.
These Heroes are special characters, honored for their bravery and accomplishments.
Characters are sequentially ordered by my judgement of the challenges they have overcome.

Want to know how to submit a classic Diablo II character for review? Read the Rules.

BelTorokIceBoltierJuly 7, 2001
Jaffa TamarinSkullMay 5, 2001
MaalochHiawathaMay 3, 2001
WhereaglesStockbrokerMay 6, 2001
YenksterYenkaboltaMarch 29, 2001
ZedAmaZedJuly 6, 2001
JunoleiSymphonyMay 3, 2001
ClashAzoteApril 20, 2001
JesterTleithezaxializApril 28, 2001
GairusEyeBiteMay 4, 2001
DemiSqueeKrissApril 9, 2001
KingOfPainKoPhanTomApril 27, 2001

Badges denoting Full-Clear credit:

Hero fully cleared Normal Difficulty
Hero fully cleared Nightmare Difficulty
Hero fully cleared Hell Difficulty
Complete Game Clear - total victory

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