Amateur Development
Maps For Warcraft II

I made about five maps for Warcraft II in late 1996, early 1997. The chief thing that I learned is that it was a lot harder to balance the maps well than I expected. It was also very tough to try to rebalance a map that started out with flaws in its core ideas.
My earliest online buddies, LiTeFooT and Lupo played several of my custom maps with me, and were kind enough not to tell what sort of junk they represented.
Like my earliest Descent levels, though, I was learning from my mistakes. I went through the mapmaking school of hard knocks, that's for sure, learning almost everything I know from improving on my own mistakes and constantly playtesting and innovating. Did I reinvent the wheel unnecessarily? Or have I arrived at a kind of wisdom unique to my long and storied journey of self-education in this arena? Perhaps a bit of both.

- Sirian

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