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In late 2003, my online friend Karl Raider suggested that I apply for a scenario crafting job at Arena.Net for their upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Game, as yet untitled. (The game is now called Guild Wars). I gave this suggestion serious consideration, including spending a week on writing a resume. I came as close to applying for the job as hovering over the "Send" button on my email, but something told me not to do it. I would have had to move to Washington state to take the job, and I have my father living with me here in Pennsylvania. He had congestive heart failure in 1998, and we moved him up here to live in the other half of my house in 1999. He's doing well, but in some senses, he's already on borrowed time, having survived seven years since his health crisis, where the doctors speak in "survival rates" of who is alive or dead after five years. Scary stuff. My dad may be around for a good long while yet, but who knows. Maybe he won't be. He and I and the doctors are all doing everything we can to keep him in good health, but some things may be out of our hands. I decided that moving all the way across the USA at this time was not right for me.
The work I did preparing to apply for that job, however, stood me in good stead when Firaxis came calling. Life can be a wondrous thing. I find that it unfolds exactly as it should, whenever I have faith in my higher destiny and manage to trust my instincts and the good will of the universe at large toward me. I feel as if I have higher powers looking out for me, as well as plenty of good folks here in the mortal realms also doing the same. I have been blessed to make many good friends, in part because I have worked to be a good friend to many others.
Firaxis decided that they could use my expertise. The total package: experience with Sid's games, wide ranging experiences with games of all types, experience with online gaming communities, experience in leadership and management roles, experience with writing, a track record of making myself useful to their interests, and most importantly, my proven ability to be a dynamic thinker, a self-starter who delivers productive results...
I entered a formal relationship with Firaxis Games in April 2004. My star is rising. I cannot know exactly what the future will hold, but I have worked hard to arrive in this place and I expect my continued hard work to pay off for all involved.
There are many chapters yet to be written. Stay tuned.

- Sirian

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