Amateur Development
Scenarios For Civilization III

Unlike maps for Descent and Railroad Tycoon II, maps for Civilization III are a play-once affair, period. The only way to make replayable maps for Civilization games would be to get into the map scripting itself and affect the way that maps are randomly generated. I couldn't do that for Civ3, that I know of, and even if it were possible, I was not prepared to invest that kind of time for free.
So, rather than work on producing maps in the traditional sense, I focused my Civ3 creative urges into organizing The Epics tournament at Realms Beyond. I used the Civ3 Editor to tweak the game rules on occasion, or to produce random maps with the map generator and then to make minor edits to improve the balance of the map.
Ironically, it was my ability to effect significant balance improvements with simple edits and tweaks and variant rules that most attracted attention inside Firaxis. Well, that and the analysis of played games found in my reporting.
I did produce a fully hand-drawn map here or there -- the level maker inside me can never be completely silenced! -- but mostly I stuck with the simple variations.
If you have Civilization III and/or its expansions, you can still download (and play) any of the Epics scenarios. Just go to Realms Beyond Civilization and check the Games List. Then you can try some of my Civ3 scenarios for yourself, if you are curious. You can even go to the RB Forums or the fansites of RBCiv players and compare your results with theirs.

- Sirian

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