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Tips for Survival

Nov 16, 2001: Don't break your word, diplomatically, if you can help it. Enter into treaties and trade agreements only if you are sure you won't be wanting to make war on that rival during that time. Keep track of your ongoing agreements, as you may be betraying your word if you sign on to a military alliance against someone with whom you have ongoing treaties for a specified time commitment. Other nations will not respect you, or make deals with you, if your word is no good.
Nov 16, 2001: Unless your civilization is expansionist, don't activate minor villages with noncombat units. Take a sturdy spearman, if possible, or at least some kind of military unit.
Nov 16, 2001: If you play with barbarians at "Restless" or stronger, new camps will pop up in any unsettled lands. Build cities to push back the barbarians, and garrison all your borders with sufficient troops to combat the threat. When barbarians do start wandering around, they have a camp somewhere. Find it and destroy it.
Aug 1, 2002: On high difficulty level, and almost always on Deity, when the AI's make demands, just pay what they ask. Stay alive, as they will leave you alone for a while if you suck up a bit. You can dish out justice on these bullies later, when you are better prepared.
Aug 1, 2002: As of patch 1.29f, the AI's have grown a little more aggressive in the very early game, so be careful with those Farmers' Gambits. Don't get wiped out before you even get started by taking for granted that the AI's won't attack in the first 2000 years. That's no longer true!
Aug 1, 2002: On high difficulty, with difficult barbarians, if you can't muster the forces to defend your lands, settle some "bait" cities on the frontier and use them to train workers to keep the population at minimum. Drain your treasury by buying stuff or doing heavy research, and let the barbarians have their way with your border towns while your backline cities build enough troops to matter, or build more settlers to push the barbs back further and further. Also, if a massive uprising takes place, if the city in danger is small, too lightly defended, and has little to lose, pull your troops out and let the barbs have their way. No sense throwing away your units on top of the other losses you're guaranteed to take.
Aug 1, 2002: Civs who have trade agreements with you are very UNlikely to turn against you. If you do end up in a war, your trade partners won't be quick to sign up in alliances against you. For this reason, you can sometimes improve your survival odds in a bad situation by whom you choose to deal with in the marketplace. Make friends, stay alive.

- Sirian

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