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Tips for Playing Particular Nationalities

Jan 2, 2002: Religious Civs may tempt you to use forced labor to rush-build temples in all your cities in the ancient era. Be careful, that's not always wise. Certainly any city not close to your capital will be too corrupt, and whipping them will be unquestionably worthwhile, but your capital itself, and most cities next to it, can build 30 shields rather quickly. Consider the loss in shields, growth, and commerce, from a lost population unit, before you whip that temple. It may be better to build it the normal way in some cases.
Jan 2, 2002: Militaristic Civs are well suited to founding seaside towns on otherwise poor lands, because they can build harbors so quickly. They can also build barracks and walls quickly, and if you are using forced labor, these otherwise sluggish towns can be used to crank out more troops.
Jan 2, 2002: The English are adept at securing a grandly useful Golden Age in the middle ages. They can do so automatically by building Magellan's expidition, or they can build Man-o-War ships, and even lure other civs to attack them without a declaration of war by pairing up with a Privateer vessel. The English are also the only civ that can go straight to Mapmaking, because they start with both pottery and alphabet, so they can be quite strong on archipelago maps.
Aug 1, 2002: As of patch 1.29f, the Scientific civs may be coming back into their own. The AI's have been set to value techs more highly in trade, so the AI's are demanding more for tech trades, not only with the player but amongst themselves. This reduces the "pack effect" of all the AI's having a tech the moment one discovers it, and it increases the value of doing your own research. This, combined with the changes to the tech bonus/penalty for difficulty level, has dramatically slowed the pace of research on high difficulty games, only further adding value to the Scientific civ trait.
Aug 1, 2002: As of patch 1.29f, the Commercial civs get even more bonuses both to commerce for larger cities and to corruption bonus in their ability to have a larger number of productive cities (due to corruption bonus).
Aug 1, 2002: Commercial civs, amongst the AI's, offer better deals than other civs, on average. India, France, England, Rome, and Greece tend to offer slightly lower prices, and over time this can pay off for you if you cultivate such a trading partner.
Aug 1, 2002: You only need ANY victory by a civ's Unique Unit to trigger a golden age militarily. Even with civs like Zulus and Aztecs, whose units are very weak, can get a late-game military golden age triggered if you bombard a vulnerable enemy unit down to 1hp, then attack with UU's. You only need one lucky roll out of several chances, and that's per unit, so a few such units are all but guaranteed to get one good shot in there somewhere. Keep this in mind, especially if you play a peaceful early game, as having your UU obsolete doesn't have to mean you've lost your chance to spark a golden age that way.

- Sirian

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