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Jan 2, 2002: For an interesting change from the usual game, try playing a map with less than the maximum number of civs allowed. This gives each civ more room to expand, and may delay the meeting of civs, thus shorten the amount of trade that takes place, slowing the total tech tree progression and other factors.
Aug 1, 2002: One of the most interesting games of Civ III you can play is the "Always War" variant: declare war the same turn you meet each rival (you can do small trades first, but don't rip them off with 20 turn deals you will then immediately break. Where's the sport in that?) Then never make peace with any of them, ever. They will spend almost all their production on military, sending units at you nonstop, and the onslaught is like adding two difficulty levels. Always War on Monarch is like playing a standard game on Deity. It's a really fun way to play, for a change of pace, and will sate the appetites of even the most hardcore warmonger for intense, nonstop action!

- Sirian

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