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Tips for Defeating Your Enemies

Nov 16, 2001: Observe the Colin Powell Doctrine: bring DECISIVE force to the battle. Outnumber and/or outgun your enemy if possible, during a war. (This may require you to build a lot of military. Well, do it! This ain't Civ1 or Civ2. Maintaining units now costs gold, not shields, so you can afford to build more units).
Nov 16, 2001: Artillery can turn the tide of battle. If you are going to be going to war, whenever that might be, bring fire support. Bring catapults, cannon, or artillery. Bring naval bombardment, bring air units. Bring the guns, soften the enemy, then attack your weakened foes and CRUSH them on the field of battle! You can't have too much artillery. Later in the game, keep the artillery safe and use railroads to transport it where you need it, when you need it.
UPDATED Aug 1, 2002: If you get a leader, use him to make an army. If you win a battle with an army (not hard to do) you gain access to small Wonders that help you out enormously with your military actions in the future, but the only source of armies initially are through leaders, so make the most of the first one you get. Use later ones as you see fit, or even save them. (There are exceptions. If you get a leader so early in the game, you have a chance to grab the Pyramids, SunTzu, or other key wonders that are difficult to build in time, you may not want to pass up the chance, since you wouldn't have the Heroic Epic ready quickly anyway).
Nov 16, 2001: Only Marines can assault garrisoned troops on shore. Ships might shoot at you, might wound your units, but cannot destroy them. And the computer AI does not seem fond of using Marines. So... you may be able to station troops by the sea and all but completely insulate your lands against invasion from the sea. This may work even if you are hopelessly outclassed in terms of technology. If the enemy can't land, they can't attack you on the land, except with Marines. The last thing you want to allow is a transport full of Panzers to drop off next to your capital!
Jan 2, 2002: The AI is not adept at dealing with fast units. Units with three movement points, in particular, seem to confound them. The AI will increase defenses in any city to which you move troops within two squares, but usually leaves all other cities lightly defended, even during a war. Blitzkrieg with Chinese Riders, cavalry, German Panzers or modern armor can be especially effective. Also highly effective is capturing cities, and using the new cultural borders to press on to attack additional, usually lightly defended cities in the next layer of enemy land. Hit hard, hit fast, and you may make extra gains before the enemy can properly prepare.
Jan 2, 2002: Using the draft can work wonders for your military, not so much because drafted units are combat worthy (they are rather weak, actually), but because you can use them in backline garrisons, or as extra defenders on the front lines and in captured cities, or as pillagers and harassment, to free up your veteran units for more vigorous tours of duty. If you get Nationalism before Sanitation, that is a prime time to siphon off a citizen or two from large cities, nearly for free, to bolster your forces at a time when your cities have hit the size 12 ceiling and are sitting around waiting for you to build hospitals. Also, this same principle applies to not disbanding your weak, obsolete units. Save them for times when ANY warm bodies will get the job done, like quelling resistance, reducing odds a captured city will revolt against you, or for Military Police duty under certain governments.
Aug 1, 2002: Militaristic civs promote at twice the rate of other civs, and get twice as many leaders, too. Also, any conscript unit under a Militaristic civ who wins a battle automatically promotes.
Aug 1, 2002: ANY unit for any civ who wins two fights on the same turn automatically promotes. Offensively, only blitzing units can benefit from this (tanks, armor), but defensively any unit can auto-promote if it comes under multiple attack. Use this info to increase the number of elite tanks you get (and the number of leaders you may get, in the modern era).
Aug 1, 2002: Don't attack across rivers when you can avoid it. Also, when attacking enemy cities, the city size makes a huge difference. Size 13+ cities get a HUGE defense bonus. If you can bombard them to 12 or less, or especially down to size 6 or less, you'll take a lot fewer casualties in a frontal assault. Another trick you can use in this way, is starvation. Park your units on all their food tiles, and starve them down to a more manageable size (takes time, but may be an option if you can better afford the time than the losses of a less prudent assault).

- Sirian

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