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December 18, 2005 All things end. Tonight I announce the closing of this site.
In practicality, the Great Library has been in mothballs for many moons already, but my involvement as a developer for Civilization IV was confidential information for most of the development cycle. I've been too busy playing (and working on) Civ4 to have the extra time to play much Civ3 on the side.
The cycle of life involves beginnings and endings. Part of me is sad to know that I will not contribute any more content to Civ3. However, endings often bring new beginnings, a renewal, and new growth! This too is part of life.
Tonight, this site closes, and I wish it a well-deserved rest. Civ3 has been very kind to me, in more ways than I can count. This site will remain standing as a living archive. You are welcome to visit the old stories any time you like. Tomorrow brings a new dawn, and with it, a new dawn for the Civilization franchise. I invite you to travel with me. We will visit old places with the expection to discover new sights.
What was old shall be made new again. From the ashes, the phoenix rises. Welcome to The Dawn of Civilization!
March 29, 2005 One year to the day since I posted my last RBCiv Epics report, I am back with another. This one is a bit different than usual, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Check it out in the Chronicles section.
March 19, 2005 So I got a private invitation from the host of new succession game to join a team of all-stars for a run at Sid difficulty on a pangaea map in Civ3 Conquests. That sounded like suicide, so of course I was interested. You can Click Here to read all about it.
November 11, 2004 The last Epic of the year is underway, a blockbuster Always War variant played on Emperor. I'm looking forward to reading the reports, although the game remains open for a couple more weeks.
Meanwhile, I am revamping my home page. This is horrendously overdue! I've written and maintained numerous gaming resources over the years. The largest three are for Diablo II, Descent, and Civilization III, in that order. My Descent archive has almost no writings, as all of my Descent writings were published at the Invitational Descent Ladder, or the Descent BB, or other Descent community resources. Nevertheless, my Descent 3 levels and mods take up nearly as much space as the vast sea of screenshots for my Diablo II character reports. My reports for Civ3 are starting to get up there, as well. I've got well over one hundred megabytes of material on just these three sites!
Although updates here have been infrequent of late, this site is alive and well. I played a Civ3 succession game recently, which you can read about Here. If you have never visited my other gaming pages, I invite you to have a look around. You may find something of interest. Just click the new link to "Sirian's Homepage" here at the Library's main index.
March 29, 2004 My first Civ3 action in half a year: Epic Thirty-Nine. Report now posted.
September 16, 2003 T-hawk sponsored an interesting Epic: choose your own civ! I played by Potluck. My report is now available.
August 18, 2003 Shadow report from Epic 32 has been uploaded.
August 12, 2003 The Torturous and The Hairy! Epic 33 report posted.
July 15, 2003 My shadow report from Epic ThirtyOne is the latest addition.
July 7, 2003 Epic Thirty. We've had thirty of these things already? Wow, where did the time go? :) Don't miss this report!
June 23, 2003 My report on the Five Pillars epic has been posted. This was an interesting scenario. I had a lot of fun with it. Also coming soon, more Epics reports. I have been playing more Civ3 lately.
May 13, 2003 I've posted my first report in some time. My Epic 27 result is now available in the Chroncles section. Not for the faint of heart!
February 11, 2003 Posted my report from RB Epic 22, "War Paint".
February 4, 2003 My planned report for CFGOTM14 has been cancelled. I had a lot of fun playing, but some exchanges with GOTM players killed my enthusiasm for doing the amount of work it would have taken to assemble my largest-ever report. I've got other demands on my time, too, so I've decided to pull back from this promise. My apologies to those of you who were looking forward to this one. Time has also surely passed me by on finishing my report from To The Bitter End. That's been a whole year now, and so many versions of the game ago that most of the observations would be obsolete anyway.
As Sulla remarked on his site after writing his Epic 18 report, these reports are a lot of work. When they are a labor of love, you don't notice. Sometimes you just don't have the time/energy to do as much as you would have liked, though. In this vein, I'm posting a summary for my latest Epic result, with no promises about when or if I will add more details. You can see the map timeline, at least, posted under Chronicles.
December 17, 2002 Now for Epic Twenty. This one involved a rules mod, which I may decide to make available for download if there is interest in it. (You could run any map, any setting, and play by the modified rules).
December 16, 2002 The Lamb and the Wolves, Epic 19 report posted under Chronicles.
December 4, 2002 Posted my result from Epic 18, Potluck Duet. Coming soon: reports on Epics 16, 19, 20, and CFGOTM 14.
November 18, 2002 Soren Johnson, AI programmer at Firaxis, dropped me a friendly note about my site this week. We exchanged a few emails, and one outcome of it all is that he's going to fix the AI strategy flaw that had the AI's dillydallying around at the end of RBE DSG2 -- for the next PTW patch. He already figured out what went awry there. The Firaxis team has treated its fans very well, I believe, and I'm proud to be supporting their games with my site here. I'm also looking forward to another Infogrames game, Master of Orion III. I'll post some kind of review once I've had the chance to play it.
Also on tap today is my Epic 17 report. Those of you who have been waiting patiently for far far too long for a conclusion to "Bitter End" may find some consolation in this report.
Finally, the Realms Beyond have implemented a site upgrade, with more features and improved navigation. I've also fixed some links to there that got broken here on my site. All my links from here to RB should now be working again. If you haven't been over there yet, have a look. Some great Civ3 gaming and discussion taking place.
October 28, 2002 Always War! One of the funnest things to do in Civ III. Epic Fourteen report is up and ready to read.
October 21, 2002 It's variant time at the Library! Check out my report on a wacky variant game with the Russians, now posted.
September 30, 2002 Passive Aggression variant, report posted under Chronicles.
September 16, 2002 The Gauntlet! Report posted under Chronicles.
September 2, 2002 My Realms Beyond activity continues. This week, Epic Nine report is posted.
August 26, 2002 Horse Feathers! :) Epic Ten report has been posted.
August 19, 2002 Epic Six - Always War, report posted. This one is special, my largest report to date, some eighty screenshots and a dozen pages of text. Enjoy.
August 12, 2002 RBCiv Epic Eight closes today, and my report has been posted here. The Realms Beyond site had an unexpected hosting change this weekend, so the new IP may not clear quickly for everyone. It will clear up soon, but in the mean time folks CAN still go directly to the forum, which is on separate hosting and which is linked (along with the home site) here in my Maps section.
August 5, 2002 Another spot report: RBCiv Epic Seven. This scroll can be found with the Chronicles.
August 1, 2002 For the first time in seven months, I have updated the Pointers section. A few obsolete tips were deleted, a few more edited. I have added many new tips and pointers, including some in every category. If you crave Civ III wisdom in soundbite form, this is the place to go!
I stopped by the Civ III homepage last night for the first time in months. I was surprised to see my little site listed in the baker's dozen of Preferred Fansites. Wow! I didn't know they cared! *grin*
July 25, 2002 I've played my first complete game under patch 1.29: a Deity game. The Chronicle has been posted, entitled: "Kobaiyashi Maru".
Also, now that's he's moved away from GeoCities, I've added a link to Sulla's page, in the Maps section. If you've never been there, go check out his chronicles and other bits.
July 22, 2002 My reports for RBCiv Epics Four and Five have been posted under Chronicles. Epic Four was a Deity game, and a whopper of a game at that. This one is must-read for all Library patrons. Enjoy!
July 1, 2002 The RBCiv Epics tournament is well underway now, running about three games per month. My results and reports from the first two Epic games are now posted under Chronicles. You can get to the Epics home page from there, or from my Maps section. My German Deity report is overdue and I apologize for that. Got so many irons in the fire, and so much community Civ3 activity lately, that I've slacked off on coming through on everything I want to be doing here at the Library. At least now you have an update to chew on.
May 19, 2002 I've updated my Maps section with a link to Realms Beyond Civilization, and more of my Deity report is coming soon.
RBCiv is organizing a new tournament, called "the Epics", involving rules and scenerios focused on creativity and with a high standard for the integrity of the game. Some events will be competitive, some laid back, some standard, some highly specialized or focused. This tournament was conceived by me, and I had a hand in putting it together, but its scope was beyond what I could organize and maintain by myself, so I sought to collaborate with the Realms Beyond and help them to assemble it. I'll be playing in the events, as many as I can manage, and will be organizing some of them. The first Epic will be opening this week, as early as today. If you have wished for a chance to play one of my Chronicled games in advance of a report being posted, to get an unspoiled look at how you do vs me on the same map, and even to chat about it afterward, this could be your chance!
May 7, 2002 To the Bitter End, Part Two, posted under Chronicles.
April 30, 2002 More of my Solo Deity report is coming soon. In the mean time I have another treat for you.
In Lieu of the cobwebs and neglect happening in my Strategy and Gambit pages here at the Library, I've been working at strategy advice for some time now -- on the forums. I just haven't accumulated it into reports for posting here yet (and the patches keep coming, leading to changes in what works best). However, I have started a tutorial thread with blow by blow analysis for a number of "student" players in the CivFanatics Succession Game forum. This came about as a result of an idea by ChrTh which got a lot of support. So... I bring you a Training Day game, involving nuts and bolts details, through a link on the Groups page under Epistles. This is great stuff for those looking to sharpen their game, to step up in difficulty levels or win more often. I've also finally updated links to all the other SG's I've played this year, for anybody who hasn't been generally following the goings on in that forum.
April 26, 2002 I have completed my blockbuster deity game. It's... over. I finished before I patched to 1.21f, so the entire game was played under version 1.17f. The opening scroll of my report has been posted to the Chronicles section.
April 17, 2002 I've been really bad about not updating. I've put all my available Civ III energy into playing Succession Games and writing reports for them. After spending a bunch of hours every week writing reports and comments/suggestions in any number of such games I have running on an ongoing basis, I haven't had the energy left to write more for here. At least recently.
A new patch, v1.21, is slated to be released in two days. I WILL finish my current Deity game before patching, so that's going to have to get my gaming attention for the next few days. I promise a report some time next week. It -will- be worth the wait, although now that I can finally offer definitive strategic insights into the 1.17f patch... they are about the change the rules again! :) I will also do some site upkeep, like refreshing my Pointers and updating SG links, and more. Finally, the RBD Civ players are planning to organize our own tournament events. More on this as it develops.
March 16, 2002 The Library has been quiet for most of a month, but not because nothing is happening. I've got several irons in the fire, mostly large maps that are (relatively) bogged down in the late industrial or early modern ages. There are just two civs left to go in my Infantry Variant game, and I am squeezing in a small batch of turns weekly. I have a blockbuster DEITY game under way (my first real attempt at that level, just got Genetics(!) last night), plus lots of succession games going. If nothing completes by the end of the month, I'll consider writing some partial reports.
February 24, 2002 I've written an editorial about the latest patch, v1.17f -- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Posted under Editorial in the Epistles.
I'm opening a new section under Epistles: Scenerios. These scrolls will contain my custom-made maps, mods, and scenerio packs. To open this new section, I bring you a custom-made map, a Viking scenerio. Check it out.
February 15, 2002 A new patch was released today, version 1.17f. I've downloaded it and already played a whole game, the report (Rumble in the Jungle, Part Two) has been posted under Chronicles.
February 9, 2002 I've chiseled a detailed article about flaws in the rules for Civ III, entitled "Exploits and Loopholes". You may find these stone tablets under Editorial in the Epistles section.
January 28, 2002 Posted the report from my first post-patch game, a tough Emperor contest with an unusual terrain situation, in the Chronicles section: "Rumble in the Jungle". Don't miss it.
Updated the Group scroll, under Epistles, with more links to my recent multiplayer activities and reports.
I got a request for the final turn from Rumble in the Jungle, so I've dug that up and posted it, along with the start of the Golden Age. In doing so, I found I made one mistake in my notes for dates, and have corrected everything forward in the final summary by ten years. (Tenochtitlan took longer to bash down than I remembered, but I had the rest correct).
January 16, 2002 I've got a number of irons in the fire, here. I've been working on a couple of reports recently and found out I had more to say than I expected, so none of them are ready yet. I'll try to get some content posted soon.
Found out last night that I placed first in the scoring on the Second Apolyton tournament, the report posted in Chronicles. I was also the only one to post a domination victory, with all its territory-based and population-based scoring, so that mostly explains that. I'll talk more about the scoring system in a report on the third contest game, coming soon. The fourth tournament looks particularly interesting, too. Mostly I've been enjoying succession games at CivFanatics forum recently, and some attention I would have put here has gone to writing about my participations there. I've added more maps to the Group section under Epistles, for anyone not regularly checking in at CivFanatics who wants to read about the games in which I've been involved.
January 3, 2002 I tried my hand at the One City Challenge. Report posted to the Chronicles section.
January 2, 2002 Happy New Year! I've uploaded more tips to the Pointers section. Lots of little things I've picked up through my gaming. More spot reports coming soon.
December 22, 2001 Posted the report of my English game, the second Apolyton tournament, in the Chronicles section.
December 21, 2001 In lieu of my next report (which is running a little late), I've added a link in the Epistles section to a group game I'll be participating in. The link takes you to the applicable thread at the CivFanatic's Forums, which have also been added to my Maps section.
Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating something this time of year. I'll try to get my next update posted before the new year.
December 10, 2001 Major update today. First up, a complete spot report from my Monarch game with the Japanese on harsh settings, a huge map, max opponents. This game held a lot of suprises. The report is thorough, don't miss it. Head on over to the Chronicles.
I have downloaded and briefly tried the new patch, and I have some initial impressions. These have been posted on a scroll in the Editorial section, under Epistles. Also recorded under Epistles, some advice from a player named Hocus, with whom I've had interactions through the Diablo II online community. His tips comprise the first posted Strategy from Distant Lands.
Because of the new patch, two games that I had going in progress have been halted and retired. Brief info about them is posted under Chronicles, The Lost Games.
I have added a link to the fine (and busy) Apolyton Civilization site, to my Maps section. They cover not only Civ III, but also all its predecessors, with vibrant insider news. They definitely have their finger on the pulse of the game. The forums there are quite busy and seem to represent one of the pools where advanced players are gathering to share and compare, to fuss and to discuss. Apolyton is holding a series of tournaments, regular games offered up for one and all to play, and I will likely participate in some of these. I have already played in the second competition. A thorough report about this game will be posted under my Chronicles, coming soon.
December 9, 2001 Sirian's Great Library has been added to the fansite list on the Civ III homepage, right in line with the arrival of the new patch, version 1.16f. If you are newly arriving to my site through that link, welcome. I hope you enjoy my site and find its content useful.
I've had an update almost finished for nearly a week now. I paused to play the second Tournament game from the folks at Apolyton (I'll be adding a link to their busy site, and perhaps some other fine sites as I surf around a bit). So yes, the update is late because, um, well, I've been playing too much Civ III to have the time! Yes, uh... there's an urgency to finish the game within two weeks, you see, and, um, OK enough about that. :)
I DO have an update coming soon, a complete report of my second finished game (and first victory!), my game with the Japanese on the huge map. I've also played a complete game on Emperor, and have nearly completed the Apolyton tournament game with the English, so I'll do my best to squeeze out a signifant update before I plunge into (and perhaps disappear into) another new game of Civ III. I have learned a great deal, all so far in isolation. I plan to do some browsing around the strategy scene, soon, to see what others have been coming up with as well. Then there's the patch to evaluate and dig in to... Lot's of stuff coming soon.
November 23, 2001 Posted the complete report for my first game of Civ III under Chronicles, First World.
November 16, 2001 The Library is open for business. Come one, come all, to peruse the information contained herein.
I am the Library's only caretaker, so expect updates on a weekly or semiweekly basis, perhaps with occasional quiet periods. Take note that you may summon a rider to deliver a letter to me by selecting the option to Submit Scrolls to the Library. All correspondance is welcome.

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