Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
Emperor of France

Civilization: French
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Seven
Climate: Cold
Rainfall: Wet
Mountains: Normal
Land Mass: Large
Land Shape: Pangaea
Barbarians: Restless
Version: 1.07f
SPECIAL NOTE: this game was played on the original release version. In the wake of the first patch, version 1.16f, game elements have changed, rendering much of what I used here obsolete.
This was my first game on Emperor, after achieving a dominant come-from-behind space race victory (my first win) with the Japanese on Monarch. It was my intent to move up permanently to Emperor-level game play, however two things have conspired since then to send me back to Monarch: firstly, the Apolyton Tourney game was on that difficulty, and secondly, the patch has rendered strategies used by me to succeed at the Emperor level as nonfunctional. That's a good thing, ultimately, but it has made the game harder and I will need to step it back down until I figure out what to do with the gameplay enhanced by the patch.
I'll write a complete report on this game soon.

- Sirian

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