Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic ThirtyNine

Civilization: Celts
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Small
Opponents: Five
Land Mass: 30%
Land Shape: Continents
Version: Conquests v1.15
These are my results from Epic 39 of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
I built three warriors to start. I went ahead and popped huts. Three of the first four poured forth barbarians. Two of my warriors survived, promoted to veteran. Another died and had to be replaced, so that was four warriors. I built a granary and started to pump settlers.
I sent my first built settler north to the river. That city got hit with disease very early, a significant setback.
As you can see on the minimap, by this point I had met both of my neighbors. Since this game involves variant rules restricting government, I beelined up the bottom branch toward Monarchy. You can see I've got 12 turns already invested into min sci on Polytheism.
My warriors did the dastardly deed of pillaging rival roads in neutral territory.
I got two useful things out of huts. One was a conscript warrior, shown above, and the other was 50g, also shown above.
That was about to become the most valuable conscript warrior I've ever had.
Here comes my fourth-built settler, with escort, in a bold grab for those gems. The Carthaginians were in the right place at the right time. The Egyptian settler, with a lead, is blocked.
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
There's no food in range of my new city and won't be for a thousand years, but I've planted my flag, and this AI will not contest my claim.
Got smacked with disease again.
Seafaring English have their capital on the coast? No surprise.
My Carthage gets to Philosophy first, then leaps ahead with the bonus tech to Monarchy. Yikes. This advantage will catapult them to the head of the class among AI's for ages to come. Ny task now is to fulfill the promise of my bold grab by filling in everything behind Richborough.

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