Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic ThirtyThree

Civilization: Persia
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Seven
Land/Climate: Random
Barbarians: Random
Version: PTW 1.21f
These are my results from Epic 33 of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
This game is scored by timer. When I designed it that way, I turned off the End-of-Turn pause and turned on the governor. As far as I was concerned, these were red herrings designed to mess people up in the early game. Some would probably recover and go on to post rapid victories, others could lose the game or suffer enough setbacks or lost opportunities to add tons of extra turns, which could waste the time they saved early on. My first move was to go into the Preferences screen to disable the city governors and re-enable the end-of-turn pause.
I moved my worker south and saw more grasslands. I checked the waters. The water to the north was fresh, and the newly revealed water to the SW was salty. With random terrain, this could be a pelago map, so I thought it prudent to move to the coast. My settler moved SW. On the next turn, I founded my capital and moved my worker a second time to the BG tile. I started with two warriors. My first scout went north and popped a hut. I got yokels, but my warrior survived the attack.
That cow being the only food bonus in sight, I decided to send my second city there.
I met the Ottomans around 2750BC. They were to my north.
Oh, not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL! The Ottomans are not in control of Istanbul?!?
In 2550BC, their new capital, Edrine, expands its borders. Um, that means Istanbul was captured in 3000BC. By whom?
My second city was built in the desert to grab those cows. I sent my third city southward into the fog and popped a hut with the city founding.
I found Istanbul. Looks like Romans or Babs. (I didn't waste time checking F10).
You can see I ran MinSci on Iron Working right after Pottery. I might have to prepare for early war.
Um, yep. Babs.
Well, one thing's certain. Such an improbable early conquest won't likely be repeated for other players. What is UP with my CivLuck lately? I'm on a multi-Epic leader drought and drawing some incredibly improbable outcomes out of the PRNG. Now the only question is, will this turn of events make my game easier than others, or more difficult?
I decide to send my next two settlers northward in a major territorial grab. They both arrive and settle where desired prior to 1500BC.
Grabbed an iron with one of the cities, too! Hooray.
Persepolis paused to build a barracks in there, so I only got one more city in the next dozen turns. My first bout of disease decimates the population at Arbela. Blah.
Oh, and more bad news. The Babs conquered Edrine some time ago. They are looking like a major superpower here. The Turks were down to one city for a couple of turns, but they are back up to two now. Their third city, Bursa, is on the northern coast, where another iron is located.
Uh... Holy crap. Six Bab Bowmen just stepped into view around Antioch. My temple was whipped four turns ago and borders will expand next turn, but as you can see, there are no reinforcements within range.
I have a vet spear and a vet warrior in Antioch. That should fend off one or two, maybe three bowmen, but no way I can fend off all six. I am going to get exactly ONE TURN's worth of iron access before I lose the city.
We are cursed to live interesting times.

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