Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic Thirty-One

Civilization: Rome
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Tiny
Opponents: Three
Land Mass: 30%
Land Shape: Continents
Barbarians: Raging
Version: PTW 1.21f
These are my results from Epic 31 of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
This is a Potluck game, and as sponsor, I handled the map, so this is a shadow report only.
I played a classic "peaceful expansion" game plan. Not farmer's gambit -- I trained military to fight off the raging barbs and protect myself, but I built a granary and barracks, then churned out the settlers and escorts en masse.
When it comes to playing shadows on maps I've edited or drawn, I have given up trying to "compensate" for my spoiler information. That doesn't help. Spoiled games are spoiled. Period. So I started out knowing that I had only one neighbor on the continent, who it was, and what the general shape of the land was. I say general shape as I did not spend so much time on this map as to have learned all the finer details. Still, the biggest thing to come of the spoiler information was knowing in which direction to expand to move toward my rival, as well as what the irrigation situation was going to be.
My first settler founded Veii in the tundra on the only fresh-water site in my first ring. All settlers after that went south. My third city went southeast, my fourth due south with some overlap with Rome, and my fifth city went to the small river, future home of Hoover Dam (or so I planned), and future home of my FP. My sixth city, I reached out way south. This continent had two choke points between the two civs, both one tile wide with mountains for parking on. (I wonder how many players will think to use them!) Yet in the east, I decided to reach PAST the choke to poach a site from under the Greek's noses.
I used my spearman to clear out the barb camp in the area. Risky! I would not likely do that on Deity! The other barb would attack, giving me two victories on one turn and promoting my spear to elite. My settler is heading for the hill tile SW of my spear. Note that this is not only a defensive location, but it also situatates nicely with the existing Greek city AND provides me a canal for ships built in the inner sea to pass out to the wider ocean.
My seventh city will be founded on top of the ivory. There are three more cities to found to the west and two more in the icy north.
I actually got something useful out of a hut? With a non-expansionist civ? Amazing. Hut luck is so depressed for non-expansionist civs on high difficulty, that all my deity games put me out of the habit of even popping huts. I am shocked any time I get anything useful.
A few turns later, the English show up, grabbing the island off the coast of Antium. Bah.
At least I get to broker contacts.
My game plan marches on steadily. My twelfth city is founded in 370BC, completing my two single-ring cores. Now I just need to finish that FP!
The Roman Republic is founded in 90AD, after five turns of anarchy.
Then came the war. I was less than fully prepared when I saw Greek forces marching north. Both my border cities had walls and defenders, but only enough to hold out until reinforcements could be sent. (Reading numerous reports from new Epics community members who suffered defeats in this epic reminded me how much experience and know-how it takes to cope with the challenges posed by Civ3.)
I had expected any attack to come in the east, at my exposed city. Then I realized that worker in the jungle was blocking the choke. The AI's pathfinding forced it west. I think the lone warrior in Lutetia and/or my couple of undefended cities in the interior draw their interest, and the only way they could go was up around the west side. By dumb luck, the situation funneled them up only one of the two sides, making my defensive task eminently doable.
I was still quite thin, though. At least the first wave included only one hoplite!
I upgraded a couple of warriors to legions and sent reinforcements. My golden age began the following turn.
At least I had made it to Republic before getting into this war.

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