Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic TwentyTwo

Civilization: Iroquois (modified)
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Tiny
Opponents: Four
Land Mass: 40%
Land Shape: Continents
Barbarians: Ranging
Version: PTW 1.14f
These are my results from Epic 22 of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
This tiny map included a shortened scenario of only 160 turns, the equivalent of playing to 450AD then stopping. I had generated the map in the editor and tinkered with it slightly, so my results are spoiled and not counted toward the tournament results.
I only managed to reach two huts, both empty. I barely beat out the Americans to the second hut.
The date clock moved differently this game, so these dates do not coordinate to the standard.
I built a granary earlyish, then three settlers. And just like that, I reached the first turning point in the game:
I was not yet prepared for war, so I should have caved in, but since I was not part of the competition anyway, I told Abe to kiss off. I thought I'd have a little fun.
Well, he got his iron connected quickly, and I had my hands full just defending my towns in his direction. I had intended to grab two more city sites, but those plans got postponed. I had to take time to build barracks, and by the time I had any units to send at him, he was sending swords at me. Arg.
A stalemate lasted for TWO THOUSAND YEARS. My one attempt to attack Philadelphia in that time was beaten back. I finally managed to push forward and capture my first city in 1480AD. (That's not as late as it sounds, for any of you who didn't play, but still much later than I expected).
The tile marked above is where his iron turned out to be. With only archers, spears, warriors and chariots available, I concentrated on training archers, with enough spears to cover them vs a few swords while advancing.
In 1580AD, five turns later, I made the fateful decision to bring Elizabeth into the war. I thought that I could use her help, and that the warfare between them would weaken both, but I may have miscalculated. More on this later.
I captured New York the following turn, ending American access to iron and turning the tide.
Here you see my SoD advancing on Washington.
I popped my only leader of the game in the siege, then used him that turn to rush my FP in DC.
England razed one American city. They had two left, and one sent out a settler I could not catch up to. (I was wishing I had a few chariots in the area, but I did not.)
Now get this! I captured the last two American cities, and when the settler settled, the American AI got BONUS UNITS as if they had respawned. They got free workers, free offense, free defense, the works. I didn't know this would happen, or I would have waited to capture the last of their other cities. Blah. Well, I'll know what to do if I run into that situation again!
With my lone scientist research into mapmaking still 15 turns away, the Aztecs sailed past my coast in 1845AD.
The following turn, I finally eliminated those pesky Americans. I had captured or eliminated seven of their cities, England nailed the eighth.

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