Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic TwentyOne

Civilization: Mongols
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Seven
Land Shape: Archipelago
Barbarians: Raging
Version: PTW 1.14f
These are my results from Epic TwentyOne of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
This is just a summary, for starters. Not sure yet how much detail I will include in a report. This was a long game for me, fun, but not my best result. At every turn of my effort, I was just far enough behind the curve to have to do twice the work to advance, and each delay only added more work to the next stage. Domination in 1872AD. Catherine declaring war on me in 1500BC when I refused to give her Alphabet, late connection of iron, very late FP, and having to chase down aluminum in the end, were some of the highlights.

About a third of that time on the clock, I was AFK. Still, that means I put forty hours into this one. Ten hours a week, spread over a few days... yeah, that's about right.

- Sirian

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