Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic Twenty

Civilization: Egypt
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Seven
Climate: Standard
Rainfall: Wet
Mountains: Standard
Land Mass: 30%
Land Shape: Continents
Barbarians: Roaming
Version: 1.29f
These are my results from Epic Twenty of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
This game was played with significant rules alterations (a full game mod), so be sure to review the Epic information if you want to understand the complete background.
Since I edited the map to make it suitable for this scenario, my results are only a shadow. Here they are anyway. Among the spoiler info I had to start with, I knew the player civ was alone on its continent, and I also knew that none of the AI's were alone. And believe it or not, I edited the Egyptian home continent to have LESS jungle than the map generator put there, as well as adding both rivers and the lake. (This was a bona fide Epic 14 Dud Start here, folks).
With all of this information on hand, I'm curious to see how everyone else does on this one without that info. I founded on the start tile, trained one warrior then set a granary placeholder as I researched pottery first.
My first priority was clearing jungle. So after irrigating the one grass tile, I built a road to the incense and mined there, then started on jungle clearing along the river.
My warrior went north, and I did something I wouldn't do on Deity: pop a goody hut this early with a non-expansionist civ. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
I decided to found Memphis right there.
After pottery, I researched bronze, not wanting to be stuck without spears for millenia, then it would be on to iron working. Why not mapmaking? Well, as urgent as it may be to make contact, I decided to defy conventional RBCiv wisdom here and make sure I could defend myself, as well as figure out where the irons were. I knew there was one near the capital but I didn't know exactly where, and I hadn't paid that close attention to the rest of the island.
Forty turns in, you can see I've built my granary and trained a second worker, while Memphis has trained a second warrior and a third worker. I'm somewhat dismayed by my inability to train workers, but that's the nature of the mod. No doubt the AI's with a free worker and some free military will not feel it as much as the player. I do NOT want to drop my capital back to size 1, so I'm now trying to get its population up before I train another worker, and I've now decided to irrigate ALL of the grasslands along the river.
Ran into my first barbarians, in the east. I decided to fortify on a mountain over there, which let me beat off the first enemy, but I went for their camp and lost, so the barbs would control the eastern leg of the continent for several thousand years.
Now here's a look at the dilemma of this mod:
The only tiles that start with ANY food on them are flood plains, grass, or tiles with food bonuses. (I added oasis bonuses to desert tiles and sheep bonuses to mountains to give a few more sites worldwide with SOME food to start). So my third city was founded in a spot without any of that, and as a result it could not grow AT ALL until workers would come and improve some of its tiles. Yikes. :)
Also odd was the sensation of selecting a coastal tile and having it show two commerce but no food. That was still better than an entertainer for low corruption cities, but it was the oddest thing about the mod for me, tiles with neither food nor shields. I would end up irrigating that southern incense to get fresh water down that way, as I didn't want to wait to clear the jungle all the way through.
When some of the cleared tiles at Thebes turned out to be bonus grass, the city started picking it up finally. Sadly for me, another barb movement rose in the south and they gave me more troubles than the ones from the east.
I trained a second settler out of Thebes, then more workers. Then, with four cities (counting Memphis) I started on the Pyramids, while I used my other cities to train more settlers. And that was ALL I was doing at this point, a wonder and settlers and workers and warriors.
I did NOT like that ransacking (they got me twice there, the second time running over one of my warriors), so I sent a pair of warriors the next time. When the first cleared out the barb camp and promoted, I sent the second to pop a goody hut (with backup right there) and yes, out came yokels. Billy Bob, Joe Bob and Bobby Sue came roaring out, and I had a Monarch Moment (TM) as my warrior was on a hill, survived the first attack, then the second with 1hp left and promoted to vet, then the third also with one hp left and promoted to elite! Ha, take that you rednecks. I spread these warriors out on high ground to keep all the terrain down there lit and had no further problems with barbs from the south. (The problems shifted to the east, but at least the south was secure now).
So here I am getting ready to start the Pyramids, just as soon as I train another warrior or two. Now a look at my entire situation.
The Pyramids in Epic 18B weren't done until 250BC. I figured they would take longer to build here, but then I made the serious mistake of forgetting that there had been NO INDUSTRIOUS CIVS in Epic 18. Um... oops.
You know, it's been over half a year since I've been left holding the bag on an ancient great wonder. I remember the pain of it from my very first game, where I didn't understand the cascade and got bit over and over and over. On Deity I don't get caught because I never build great wonders from scratch (at least not until the late middle ages). On Emperor, if I go for a wonder, either I get it or I cascade to a runner up item. I just don't get caught. I just don't.
Well, apparently I misread the AI performance on this mod significantly. They are doing much better than expected, as Pyramids, Oracle and Colossus all go on the same turn, in 670BC. And I am left with the most expensive barracks I have ever built, just six turns off the AI pace. I would have had to start the Pyramids after just ONE settler to have gotten them. I will be curious to see if anyone else does get them. Here it is, the Queen's Expensive Royal Barracks:
Cheer up, all those of you struggling with making mistakes and having a hard time just beating the scenarios, much less competing for best results. There's a fine line between success and failure, and making mistakes, even big ones, is part of the game. Luckily the game usually allows you the chance to recover, if you just keep at it.

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