Sirian's Great Library - Strategies for Civilization III
RBCiv Epic One

Civilization: France
Difficulty: Emperor
World Size: Small
Opponents: Five
Climate: Normal
Rainfall: Normal
Mountains: Normal
Land Mass: 40%
Land Shape: Continents
Barbarians: Restless
Version: 1.21f
These are my results from Epic One of the Realms Beyond Civilization tournament. Click Here to visit the Epics home page for the specific rules and goals of this event, or for more information about the Epics.
4000BC: The start tile is not on the river, but it is on fresh water (the lake) and has the river within range, and I'll be happy to have that cattle in immediate range and save a turn. Paris founded. I can get the cattle irrigated in eight turns. One to move worker S to the plains, 2 to irrigate, 2 for road, 1 N, W to the cattle, 2 more to irrigate. Paris will grow in 7 turns, so on the 8th the irrigation comes in... ah! Perfect. :)
I start research on Ceremonial Burial. Build a warrior first, send him south. Pop a hut and get hostile yokels. My warrior fended off all three and promoted to elite, 2 hp left. (Close call! This could have hurt a lot).
Size 2, running luxuries. Second warrior heads west. Spot another hut just as two Bab spearmen are wandering by. Found the western shore, too, and there's an ivory here. Seeing how close the Babs are, first settler will come this way to form a seal across the narrow part of the land and divide the continent. With any luck, I can be in the middle and delay contacts, broker some, etc etc. I pop the second hut, more angry locals, but they attack the Babs and leave my unit alone. One Bab spear promotes to vet, both turn around and head back north. (Why? I have no clue)
Paris size 3, running high luxuries with no garrison. Settler settles within range of the ivory, along the shore, new city trains warrior/worker pair first (almost always ideal for new cities at this difficulty level, if they are pulling in two food and two shields).
Third city goes southeast of Paris on the river. My western warrior scouts north along west shore, then cuts east across the continent and spots incense. Bab third city appears in this region, so my fourth city goes north of Paris to secure the Incense. I opt for a desert tile along the shore that is five rows away from the Bab city, so that borders will meet with no pressure. Also a good spot anyway.
English scout shows up from the east. He's cut off from Babs, and Babs are cut off from him, no units slipped past me. My fifth city goes southeast of Paris, forming a second full cutoff. My explorers spot dyes in the far southeast, more furs to the south, and there are barb camps harassing me big time from the south and southwest. It was quite a task balancing expansion with defense, me mostly using normal warriors. I think I lost in there somewhere, but none of my cities or workers got hurt, and I busted several camps for cash infusion.
I intended to send my sixth settler southeast to the dyes, but my explorers spotted English settlers encroaching on the desert east of Paris and I feared for the Iron there, so I ended up putting my sixth city there and I was HURRIED by the English competing settlers so I didn't get an ideal spot, but I was happy enough with it anyway.
At this point I had settlers being produced in my first three cities, so I got a wave of settlers churned out and founded more cities within a two-turn span about eight or ten turns after my sixth city. This included a city at the dyes, and a fishing village on the promontory northeast of Paris.
At 1000BC, there was a massive barbarian uprising. Or rather, I got notice of one, but in fact there were TWO AT THE SAME TIME, one at each of my frontiers. I had over 600g in the treasury and I knew I had to do something with it in a big hurry or it would all be lost to the raiders. Two packs of 16 horsies each moved into range of my newest colony in the east, and in the west, I had to plunk my settler down right where he stood to save him. Both settlements were about to get the mother of all rapings.

So I bought tech. I bought construction and currency from the English, then I bought Republic from the Babs @2nd-civ (ouchie) and this got rid of all my cash, plus 3 gpt going out in payments to the Hammer. I also retreated my units out of the towns, no sense losing them.
As such, when the 33 barbarian units rampaged through my towns, they got 1 gold and wiped out the shields stored toward projects, and that's all the harm they managed to do. Whew, that was close!
I could not have prevented those explosions, though. One happened just a couple turns after a camp popped up! The other was a distant camp I was on my way to cleanse and could not get there in time. But... 1000BC? Is that a magic number? Should I make sure not to allow any barb camps to be hanging out at such a date in my other games? Are the massive uprisings timed to certain dates every game? Or does it vary by game? Interesting questions.
Shortly after, I revolted, and though Monarchy might have been better for the immediate time, I went right to Republic since I had that tech and didn't have Monarchy. This also would shape my empire, perhaps for the better, but it was somewhat painful in discouraging me from overdoing my military. I stopped production of warriors and built barracks and trained a few spears and a few horsemen.
At 650BC, a force of American warriors approached. It's been so long since I got surprise attacked, I almost forgot what it looks like! Guess I had too many settlements and not enough units, got settler-crazy and spread all over the place, had several cities with no defenders. The English had settled in an odd spot that left one silk exposed. It would fall within their range, but I decided that I could try to nab it, use cash to rush temple and library and perhaps retain that silk forever in the bargain.
In 610BC, the Americans moved aggressively onto my land! I had to retreat some workers, and yet they were all smiles on the diplomatic screen. It crossed my mind that they might be heading through my lands to Babylon, but then I thought no, they are coming right at my city, not taking a path along the coast to pass through my territory. I dialed up Abe and bought three techs from him for 28gpt. A bit pricey if I had to pay it all off, but... conning the con artist if he was willing to take the deal to preserve the facade on his surprise attack, only to cancel it himself the next turn.
America attacked. I had two swords in the city and a spear on the way, but they had only warriors, so I fended them off with no problem and soon had some pikes on that front line. I considered keeping the war going, to go after them, but they were just too far away. I made peace and pulled some cash concessions out of them a bit later.
The Babs were indeed isolated from the other civs by way of my borders, and they did not make contact. Once mapmaking was around, though, it wasn't long before I worried a ship would wander around, so I brokered the contact for techs and money.
Nearing the turn of the calendar, the wonders were about to cascade through and I didn't have any. No one was working on Colossus, though, at all! I decided to go for it late in my second city, and my home city looked like it might have a shot at the great wall. If I got both, that would be an industrious and a commercial wonder, and kick off a Golden Age. I went for it.
Both finished on the same year, a few turns into AD time. I'm too used to Deity play now, it was almost shocking for me to build any ancient wonders at all. These Emperor AI's are slackers. ;)
I used my GA for total infra push, building cathedrals, markets, aqueducts, banks, collesseums, libraries, barracks, the works. This gave me a great boost in the quality of my cities. My economy flourished quite well and I also built up a lot of cash. Even built a university in Paris, and upgraded my pikes to musketeers and my horses to knights. My treasury swelled to over 3k.
The cascade was brutal, all those runners up for the Great Library had a ton of shields on hand, plus Babs had started SunTzu very early. I knew I couldn't get many wonders, but did think I could get one even if I had to go on Palace placeholder to do it. I went for Bach's.

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