Level NameDownloadFile Size
Plasma PlazaClick here11 k
The CanneryClick here7 k
June BugClick here7 k
Halls of IconiaClick here28 k
Black RoseClick here10 k
GreenlandClick here12 k
The BluesClick here9 k
Twin SistersClick here20 k
Three SistersClick here13 k
Four SistersClick here19 k
Rat HuntClick here45 k
Fusion Rat's ParadiseClick here92 k
Ares BaseClick here40 k
The Blues - EHClick here9 k
UghClick here2 k

Level NameDownloadFile Size
White RoseClick here19 k
June BugClick here9 k
Greenland ProClick here37 k
The BluesClick here21 k
Twin BrothersClick here53 k
Three BrothersClick here45 k
Four BrothersClick here57 k
Seventh Heaven - Krib EditionClick here45 k
Pro Lightning!Click here24 k
Pro LaserdeathClick here63 k
GunfightClick here17 k
Lightning!Click here19 k
LaserdeathClick here8 k
Venus Labs ExtremeClick here53 k
Mars BaseClick here51 k
S2 ClassicClick here16 k
Lunar Base 1.5Click here63 k
Venus LabsClick here53 k
Sirian's ClassicsClick here173 k

Mission PackDownloadFile Size
Mano a Mano!Click here1.7 MB
#300baud EntropyClick here5.0 MB
#300baud 3-TeamsClick here4.6 MB
#300baud 4-TeamsClick here1.8 MB
#300baud ClassicsClick here1.1 MB
#300baud GuardianClick here5.0 MB
Jump BallClick here0.3 MB
Space Station SiriusClick here2.7 MB
Duel - ArenasClick here0.6 MB
Duel - Tunnel RatsClick here0.8 MB
Duel - Mano a ManoClick here1.2 MB
Divided By FourClick here0.5 MB

Descent 3 levels listed in reverse order of when they were created.

Level NameMissionLevel #ModsMax Teams
Space Station SiriusSS Sirius1Guardian, CTF, THFour
Divided by Four#300baud 4Teams v2.04Guardian, CTF, THFour
Rats (Duel)(stand alone)1DuelN/A
Mano (Duel)(stand alone)1DuelN/A
Arenas (Duel)(stand alone)1DuelN/A
Jump Ball(stand alone)1MonsterballN/A
Speed RacerThe Classics2Guardian, CTF, THTwo
Viral Bunker - Four Teams#300baud 4Teams3Guardian, CTF, THFour
Laserdeath - Four Teams#300baud 4Teams1Guardian, CTF, THFour
Laserdeath - Two TeamsThe Classics3Guardian, CTF, THTwo
Deep Mining Colony#300baud 3Teams5Guardian, CTF, THThree
Dark HallThe Classics1Guardian, CTF, THTwo
Face Off - Three Teams#300baud 3Teams1Guardian, CTF, THThree
Shark TankMano a Mano!81 on 1 AnarchyN/A
The BluesMano a Mano!41 on 1 AnarchyN/A
HandbasketMano a Mano!61 on 1 AnarchyN/A
Three SistersMano a Mano!31 on 1 AnarchyN/A
Triple Axle#300baud 3Teams3Guardian, CTF, THThree
Divided by Three#300baud 3Teams4Guardian, CTF, THThree
June BugMano a Mano!51 on 1 AnarchyN/A
Faded RoseMano a Mano!11 on 1 AnarchyN/A
The CanneryMano a Mano!21 on 1 AnarchyN/A
Viral Bunker - Two Teams#300baud Entropy5Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Divided We Fall#300baud Entropy9Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Siege Maxius#300baud Entropy4Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Top Dog#300baud Entropy7Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Face Off - Two Teams#300baud Entropy1Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
GreenlandMano a Mano!71 on 1 AnarchyN/A

Level NameCo-AuthorGameDownloadFile Size
The HeavensNirvanaD2Click here284 k

Descent 3 levels I helped others to make (in reverse order).

Level NameMissionLevel #ModsMax Teams
Ore Processing - Three Teams#300baud 3Teams6Guardian, CTF, THThree
Higera#300baud 3Teams2Guardian, CTF, THThree
Mementomori - Four Teams#300baud 4Teams2Guardian, CTF, THFour
Ore Processing - Two Teams#300baud Entropy6Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Mementomori - Two Teams#300baud Entropy8Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo
Iron Maiden#300baud Entropy2Entropy, CTF, GuardianTwo

Descent 1 and 2 levels I helped others to make.

Level NameAuthorGameDownloadFile Size
Bow to Phoenix, D1 Boy!!!NirvanaD2Click here66 k
Kiln's Fusion FarmNirvanaD1, D2Click here46 k

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